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Europe FBA DDP Service

Europe FBA DDP Service

Service we can provide:

1. Shipping

We can arrange the delivery and customs clearance service for five Amazon warehouse include Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

The method of Europe FBA shipment: Shipped by air and delivered by UPS

Details: Europe FBA DDP service is based on shipping to Amsterdam airport, then UPS delivery the goods to Amazon warehouse.

Strengthes in Europe FBA DDP: 

①High competitive price and high efficiency line service.

②Customs clearance advantage, the service arrange  customs clearance in Netherland and transit in Europe, also helping in paying the custom tariffs, which avoid the high cost existed caused by customs issue or tariffs paying. We operated as pre-custom clearance, the convenient and efficient method.

③Easy work process, you just need provide us the packing list and invoice(which include basic information of the goods), no need to provide VAT number and no any other cost.

2. Value-added services

(1)We can do much help in customs clearance and transit.

(2)We can provide FBA return, label-changing and label-gluing;

(3)Overseas warehousing and other payment also in our range.

(4)For the occassion of goods-returning, we can help handle that  goods returned to Hongkong and  help customers to repeat shipment to warehous or other matters like this;

3. The reason you choose us:

(1)Professional: we are familar with all the details in Amazon goods shipment, so we can avoid the issues and risk may existed in shipment, we can also provide many assistant in customs clearance to help the goods get to warehouse smoothly and quickly.

(2) High efficiency: we receive the order details-book the vessel-arrange goods to warehouse and ready for shipment, foreign agent prepare for customs clearance and delivery time the same time, all the steps followed tight so no much time wasted.

(3)Intensive:we have signed contact with CA, UPS, BA, CX, OOCL, MSC, DHL and Fedex, which means we can get better price, emphasis shipping space arrangment, cut down the whole cost, all of these make goods more competitive in market.

(4)No worries: we have service colleague take responsible for all the process, can avoid all the problems, you needn't waste any energy on this.

(5)Powerful:we have our own warehouse in other countries.